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Our history

Sistemas Esselle

When Sistemas Esselle was created, it started manufacturing flange gaskets for ALGAHER. This hapenned until 2000, when the company started to sell directly to his customers.

In 1999, the company started with a complete change of the production technologies, buying new injection machines.

By the year 2005, Sistemas Esselle moved to a new factory, located in the industrial area of Juin Txiki, in Azkoitia.

As a result of the positive evolution of the commitment made at the time, at the end of 2018 Sistemas Esselle changed its location and moved to a larger pavilion, with more than 2,000 m2.

sistemas esselle spain

Sistemas Esselle in Gipuzkoa


The company was founded in 1987, when the activity was changed, and started with the rubber seals production. The new activity was focussed in two different products, flange gaskets and concrete pipe seals.

In 1995 Sistemas Esselle was founded and the flange gaskets started to be produced by this new company.

In 1997 a new extrussion line was bougth and this gave the company the possibility of new markets and products. The first injection machines were also included in this new investment.

The capacity of the production line was exceded and in 2005 it was built a new industrial unit and new offices. In 2006 we bought a new extrussion line.


Algaher in La Rioja

Contact information
  • Ugarte Industrialdea, 101
  • 20720 Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)
  • T. 943 85 21 48
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